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Kansen Chu

for County Supervisor 2020
Experience - Leadership - Dedication

As your Supervisor, I will work with all levels governments, businesses, labors, developers, financial industries, researching institutes, health care professionals, law enforcements,  community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and publics in general to start addressing some Critically important issues in our community:


Develop a long term housing plan and provide short term solutions to address the housing shortage issue by

  • Increase housing production

    • Effective Government regulations

    • Private and Business sectors 

    • Community based organizations

    • Financial Institutions

    • Skilled labors force

    • Regional transportation

    • Inventory of governments own lands

    • Teachers, public safety personnel housing

    • Equitable distribution of housing for working families, seniors and people with disability 

    • First time home buyers assistance

  • Preserve the existing rental units to avoid displacement of renters and small businesses

  • Prevent sudden homelessness

    • Inventory of vacant units 

    • Short-term rent assistance 

    • Rapid rehousing to stop people from becoming chronically homeless 

  • Set priorities on homeless families with school age children, veterans, seniors, disabled, and chronically homeless members in our community  

  • Provide health and mental health, job training and human resources assistances


Physical Health, Mental Health and, Human Services

  • Establish a Dental Board to improve dental services in Santa Clara. 

  • Increase funding for mental health services and drug dependency

  • Implement School-based mental health services 

  • Improve the foster care system

  • Enforce Laura’s Law allowing for court-ordered assisted- outpatient-treatment for mental health consumers who were previously incarcerated  

  • Increase Child Care slots and improve quality of child care

  • Eliminate hazardous odor from industrial sources and waste treatment processes  



  • Implement the recommendations of the recent Santa Clara County Grand Jury Report on the Valley Transportation Authority, starting out with improving its governance structure. I support a smaller Board with full time elected positions.

  • Bring above ground connection of the long promised Light Rail train to Eastridge Transit Center from Alum Rock

  • Improve local transportation services especially for seniors and students   


 Public Safety

  • Increase funding for crime prevention

  • Improve wrap around services to reduce recidivism

  • Increase funding for emergency preparedness

  • Protect seniors and minors from predators

  • Establish Neighborhood Accountability Board (a model of Restorative Justice System)



  • Improve recycling and waste reduction

  • Replace County fleet with clean air vehicles

  • Renovate County owned building to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating

  • Preserve open spaces

  • Improve County Parks services

Thanks for your support!